Find popular items by tag in pinboard

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This is a short and hopefully sweet post with a quick tip I use in Pinboard all the time, but which as far as I can tell other people don’t really know about. I’m also always surprised when I try pinboard apps and they don’t support this feature.

You may already know about the Popular page on the barebones-and-yet-super-awesome bookmarking site Pinboard, but did you know you can also drill down by tag?

Well, you can, and it’s surprisingly simple, just shove the tag after /popular/t:. So, supposing you want popular links about Markdown, just visit:

Want iOS, that’s:

and OSX is:

Although presumably people will start using macOS soon!

You’ll probably have noticed the tag prefix (t:) elsewhere in pinboard as well, such as after usernames (which are prefixed with u:), and so I suppose it’s also possible that there are other ways of searching too.

Hopefully you find this quick tip as useful as I do.