Matt is an Internet Services Developer at Netcraft. He feels the need to stress that the opinions expressed here are his own.

Matt’s work consists of maintaining Netcraft’s scanning software, performing PCI scans, security consulting and systems administration. It’s pretty fun.

He has a PhD from the University of Bath, UK, after surviving the examination process, and is very pleased that he graduated whilst still at the youthful age of 25. He’s now a fair bit older than that!

He lives with the lovely (Dr) Charlie Beldon, in Wiltshire, fairly near Bath, where houses are affordable and commutes to Bath are short.

In his spare time, which sometimes encroaches into work time, Matt likes to climb, walk, hack bits of code (usually in scripting languages like Ruby and Perl, but sometimes shell code or C), break his website, take photos, play console games, read books and watch sci-fi.

Generally Matt will be found listening to music, including a variety of metal and progressive rock, as well as some other experimental and dark things. He sometimes blogs about music

He doesn’t normally talk about himself in the third person, but he stole the idea from Charles Stross, who did it better.

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