I currently acquire projects far faster than I can actually make progress on them. This page will list a few, along with current status information to help jostle me into action. I seem to have made a load of kits, so this won’t list them all!


  • digirig: I bought a digirig, in March 2021. This is a combined audio and USB-serial interface for controlling ham radios. I built cables for use with my FT818ND and it works.
  • sofle: I built a SofleKeyboard in early 2021.
  • so239 patch panel: I made an SO239 patch panel using a chunk of rectangular section aluminium.
  • n7ddc tuner: I made an n7ddc antenna tuner using a kit from eBay. This is built but currently untested and has no box… I’m so bad at putting things in boxes!
  • diode modulator: I made a DIY diode modulator to experiment with. It was interesting to see the signals magically do what they were supposed to and to learn how it works (hint: get the ARRL handbook).
  • mechanical keyboards: I’ve made a few mechanical keyboards, including two GH-60 Satan boards, some gherkins and a gherkin express.
  • PowerPole PDUs: I made some Anderson PowerPole PDUs for my gear, using kits from sotabeams.
  • EFHW `: I made a 40m EFHW antenna from a sotabeams kit.
  • QRP Labs 50W PA: I made a QRP Labs power amplifier kit. It was hard work because g0upl loves really compact boards.
  • pi timeserver: I made a Raspberry Pi into an NTP server by connecting a GPS receiver and using it’s PPS output as an accurace time pulse. Basic config is in GitLab.
  • morse key: I made a Morse key from qrphamradiokits, but I’ve not learned morse!
  • cordwood puzzle 1: I did Cordwood puzzle 1 without cheating!
  • tape antenna: I made a direction finding antenna out of tape measures. It used a gamma match and parameters from a yagi calcualtor I had to run in wine. I made some FT8 QSOs with it.
  • wobbulator: I made a pi wobbulator. It was fun but not as useful as a nanoVNA.
  • RSGB Centenary Receiver: I made an RSGB Centenary Receiver a few years ago. It was fun and works!
  • oscillator: I made a basic Colpits oscillator for my intermediate amateur radio practical.


  • open-sleeve: I’ve started building an Open Sleeve dipole for the 10m and 6m bands, as detailed in RadCom April 2021. I’ve bought some metal poles, nylon base and saddle clips, but I’m still awaiting part of the metal I need.
  • tnc-pi: I bought a TNC-pi ages ago. The kit is built and seems to work but I’ve not attached it to a radio. That sounds like it should be easy but I fought with a baofeng for ages before giving up!