Music in July

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metal music

For me, July has been completely dominated by Gojira’s Magma. Having not been a fan in the past, the fact that I’m enjoying this so much came as something of a shock… Especially the vocals, which seem a bit cleaner than on their previous albums. Overall, this seems a bit more progressive on past albums, as well as less aggressive. Check it out.

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Next up, I’ve been loving Inter Arma’s Paradise Gallows. There’s a lot of different material packed into this album, from full-on stoner to screamy doom, something for everyone! Check out the video for “The Summer Drones”:

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While on the subject of stoner, I was lucky enough to see The Melvins play at the Exchange in Bristol last month. The Melvins are a band I’ve been aware of but not a huge fan of for a while, but I’ve enjoyed the last of their many, many, albums. Well, live they were absolutely awesome, and “Basses Loaded” is a perfect way to describe the latest album. Worth a listen, even better if you can see/feel them live 🤘🏼

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Finally, remember to check out Radio Fenriz for all your metal needs!

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