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This is a quick post on the static site generator Hugo, which I’m now using to power hackerific.net, with a little bit tacked on the end about how quick and easy it was to start using Let’s Encrypt to get working SSL certificates for this site, for free! These are both excellent projects, definitely work a look. Hugo I’ve been a fan of static site generators since I first read about Jekyll, but I was never completely happy with my setup.

January's Music

Following on in my new series of blogging about music, here’s a roundup of some new (and not-so-new) music I’ve enjoyed in January. I’ll try to post once a month, when there’s something to post, and as January seems to have lacked in awesome releases this post will be pretty short. As well as some brief pseudo-reviews I’ll try to wrap up with a short rant about something related, and see how that goes.

In the beginning of 2013 I bought myself a Maplin USB Weather Station. Like lots of things in Maplin, it’s produced by an OEM and then rebranded, and in this case the unit is a Fine Offset WH1081, it consists of a pole which is stuck in the garden, and a ‘touch screen’ display and wireless reader. My original plan was to work out how to sniff the wireless signals from the external unit and directly read the data, but despite playing about with exactly that, and despite plenty of evidence that it is possible I never got anywhere.

2015 Music Roundup

I’m pretty sure that in a parallel universe there’s a version of me who’s a metal guitarist. I love music, despite knowing nothing about it technically and I spend most of my waking hours listening to rock and metal. So, in a break from regular programming (haha, there’s nothing regular about my posting), heres’s a post about some delicious dark music I’ve discovered and enjoyed in the last year – in no particular order.

2015 year was an another interesting year for security and some cool utilities appeared. Rather than cover the same old ground and gush about how amazing nmap, masscan and shodan are though (not that they’re not amazing, of course), I’d like to highlight a few lesser known tools I’ve found useful, and discovered in the last year. TLS Prober One of my favourite security projects last year was undoubtedly TLS Prober.