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Listen to this post One of the things I’ve noticed during the course of my studying for my PhD is that there’s is a gulf between knowing how to do something, and knowing how to do in a way that’s acceptable to others. I think that this gulf is one of best practices. If that’s not clear, then let me illustrate it with an example. I believe that almost anyone can do research which is suitable for publication (honestly, anyone!

After seeing lifehacker, I was inspired to add an adverb detector to TextMate’s markdown grammar, since that’s the format I use to write blog posts. Far from being a couple of hours work, this was dead simple, and involved adding a couple of tiny bits to the grammar, here’s how to do it: First, fire up TextMate’s Bundle Editor, press ⌃⌥⌘B. Then scroll to markdown, expand it, and find the Markdown Language grammar.

There seems to have been a recent glut in static site generators. It looks like you can pick your templating language, and find a generator to go with it. Recently, I discovered hyde via the github blog, and decided it was worth trying out on a project I’m working on. That project is zshbits, a tutorial/screencast site for ZSH. I’ll be unveiling some zshbits content soon (for now I’m waiting for a cold to let up, so I don’t sound quite so nasal, and a new microphone) and readers here will be the first to know.

As my blog still has a slightly dual personality, you might not see your comments listed in under the article in which you commented. This is because disqus uses the referrer to link comments to the articles, which means it things hackerific.net and hackerific.net are different. Well, they aren’t, but please note that they’ll only be listed if the url begins with hackerific… sorry for any inconvenience!

Like a lot of mac users, I get excited about MacHeist, and why not, it’s fun and a good bargain. Since we’re snowed out of work, and a MacHeist Bundle release seems imminent, I decided to hack up a quick script to find out how wide the progress bar thing is, and use that to estimate the release time. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last half hour or so: