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Recently, I’ve needed to write and use various Makefiles. I was disappointed to find the TM’s syntax highlighting lacking, and just not colourful enough, so I set about adding a few bits and pieces. You can find the result on GitHub. I was pleased to find that most of the official TM bundles are now there, so if you’re making small (or massive) tweaks and improvements, it’s should now be easier than ever to get your changes merged into TM proper.

After what seems to have been a super-successful macheist, I thought that now was a good time to describe my all time favourite Mac software. So, here’s a list of the best bits: the ones that I probably couldn’t live without: TextMate This is probably obvious, but an extensible editor is one very useful way of turbo charging your computing life. Once you’ve learned how to use it, you’ll find that you can automate simple jobs away, leaving you free to focus on getting things right, and done.

I was lucky enough to visit Newcastle Upon Tyne for the Makerfaire_uk this March, and since then I’ve been brimming with ideas, and feeling the need to make things. This post is partially here to demonstrate that I am, in fact, still alive, and to show off a couple of little things I’ve made. First, I got a p8tch. This self proclaimed commando nerd patch is an embroidered QR code, which links to a configurable tinyurl style redirect.

Now, don’t just leave straight away, but I’m learning perl. I know I’ve only just started waxing lyrical about python, but bear with me, I’ve not got any plans to dump anything else: I just need to learn perl for work. (If you read on in this post, you’ll find some ruby code, too!) So, armed with some of the ideas from comments on my last post, I’ve tried to build make use of some of the most trendy web resources to help me on my way.

Listen to this post One of the things I’ve noticed during the course of my studying for my PhD is that there’s is a gulf between knowing how to do something, and knowing how to do in a way that’s acceptable to others. I think that this gulf is one of best practices. If that’s not clear, then let me illustrate it with an example. I believe that almost anyone can do research which is suitable for publication (honestly, anyone!