Music in March

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February was a quiet month in music, so I decided to skip it and bundle it with March, which has been much more noisy. This post has a few new releases from the last couple of months, and I’ve tried to include links to youtube videos and Apple Music where I can.

This post contains some high quality metal, so read on for the details, and feel free to feed me suggestions!

Oceans of Slumber - Winter

This album is seriously awesome, when I first heard it I was surprised I’d not come across these guys previously, but then I discovered that they’re pretty new, and their only past release is an EP. The EP has an excellent cover of Solitude, by Candlemass, so check it out!

Listen to Winter on Apple Music, and follow up with Blue.

Magnetic Seasons - Mugstar

I don’t usually read The Quietus, but it can be a great place to discover new music, and it’s how I found Mugstar. The Quietus’ review is literally a track-by-track description, which is a little odd if you ask me, but you can stream the album there, so it’s worth a look.

This is an excellent instrumental psychedlic rock album, with an old-school feel. Exactly the type of thing I like listening to while working.

Listen on Apple Music.

Omnium Gatherum - Grey Heavens

Yes, upbeat sounding gothy death metal is a thing, and this is it! This has a nice and heavy backing with some cool riffs, and sounds particularly nice played loud.

Listen on Apple Music.

Boris with Merzbow - Gensho

One of the things you miss if you just discover music with streaming services is things like this. I found this on Apple Music’s New page, for metal, and listened to it. Cool, I thought, this is pretty awesome, some Sunn like stuff, with nice vocals, and then some crazy noise at the end.

And then, I found this:

Which told me to play the Boris and Merzbow tracks in sync, and WHAOH! It’s awesome.

Here’s another track, play this at the same time and you’ll see what I mean.

Listen on Apple Music, although I’m not sure how to play multiple tracks at once with iTunes.