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Unfortunately, getting DHCP3 and BIND9 to work together is not quite as easy as it could/should be. I found it really difficult to find any decent examples, and the docs weren't much use. DHCP's man page fails to actually explicitly tell you about certain options, instead you have to guess them from the text. I've put this here in the hope that it might be handy to some of you.

I don’t remember ever having the home or end keys working the way I like them in Terminal.app, but I was recently playing with the new settings interface, and I found the keyboard section. The default, ‘basic’ profile looks like this: Where the ‘Action’ column is the key-code, or action that gets emitted when a given key is pressed. The default for the ‘end’ key is: That quite simply means move to the end of the window (or as far down as possible).