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I’m fairly sure that aesthetics play a large part in how people view your work – ugly correct results are probably viewed as being worse than pretty, but wrong results. Aesthetics must play a fairly big role in how people perceive your work. I’ve just finished generating a lot of quiver plots for my thesis. A quiver plot is a graph of vectors, illustrating a flow field. My results typically show an image with motion vectors overlaid, all plotted with Matlab, a piece of software which is very heavily used in academia in the UK (and probably all over the world).

My top 5 ZSH tips!

Since reading this question on stackoverflow I’ve been intrigued by zsh, and looking at cool things it can do to make my life easier. I decided to jump on the top-n things bandwagon and publish a quick list of zsh bits I find really useful. Here’s a quick list of my top five tips: Try using zsh’s awesome for loops: for file (prefix) $file:s/prefix/new_prefix/ or if you want more than one command in the body, try: for file (prefix) {one; two; three} Use numerical ranges for operating on batches of files: {0.

I’ve recently been playing with a cool project on GitHub: zshkit . It’s a basically just way of organising your zsh config files, but it’s inspired me to look at improving my shell productivity and I hope to post a few times about this. One of the many changes I made to my fork of zshkit, is to minimise the prompt. It’s something I’ve not really considered before, and I’ve pretty much always used something a lot like gentoo’s default.

After searching for a while for a decent vector image of ethernet cable pinouts, and coming up short, I decided it was time to draw my own. I based them on this, which I happen to find the simplest to follow, and drew them in OmniGraffle. The License is Creative Commons by Attribution 2.0, so feel free to do what you like with them! OmniGraffle File PDF File

Well, I’m now back from UWIC, in Cardiff, so I thought I’d write down my thoughts of what’s currently happening in the world of image processing for remote sensing. First of all though, an aside. The venue totally sucked. It was hard to get to, and was in the scummy outskirts of what’s an otherwise really pretty city. I hope they didn’t put anyone off what’s an otherwise really beautiful country!