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IPython Server Now that the IPython TextMate bundle has been around for a little while, and has struck a chord with the TextMate wielding, IPython hacking community, I decided that now might be a good time to sum up a few of my ideas for the future. I’ve really been heartened by the response and enthusiasm of the IPython community, and of particular note is the work by Brain Granger.

I got a copy of Pragmatic Thinking and Learning when it came out a while ago, and I just finished reading it. I really wish I’d read it before I embarked on a PhD! As my girlfriend pointed out, it is basically a psychology textbook, with an onus on learning, but it’s presented in that great informal, geek-accessible style that you’ll probably only have come across in other pragmatic programmers books.

Sometimes, after seeing a few things, concepts collide (like icebergs, perhaps), and I come up with ideas I think are cool. Here’s one of those: Refactoring with the MATLAB bundle from Matt Foster on Vimeo. For those of you who prefer some code, say you have a big long ugly line of code. You know it’s bad, but it works and you don’t want to break it. Here’s an example, very, very loosely based on some Matlab code I saw at work:

I’m very pleased to announce that the IPython TextMate bundle is in a state where it can actually be used – you can probably consider it to be a pre-beta. To celebrate this, I’ve made a simple screencast demoing some of the basic features. IPython TextMate Bundle Demo from Matt Foster on Vimeo. This screencast can also be downloaded, and I hope to give a quick overview of some of the more advanced features in a follow-up.

After being shown the huge potential of mixing TextMate with IPython via a little applescript, I started work on the IPython TextMate bundle. I also set up a google group, and talked to the ipython-users mailing list. Their response was great, and they’ve allowed us to discuss the project on the ipython-dev list, if we tag message subjects with [TextMate]. There’s also a possibility that we can distribute the bundle with IPython in the future!