It has a been a while since I last posted, and I'm not sure where the year has gone. Actually, scrub that, I'm not sure where the decade has gone! Anyway, in my end-of-year holiday I've been doing a bit of catching up and decided a bit of spring cleaning was in order, so to that end I've switched the site to a new theme, and moved from disqus to a lighter-weight commenting system.


First, I thought about disabling comments entirely, but I actually get the odd interesting discussion here, so decided to switch to something faster and more privacy focussed.

After a fairly short search, I found commento, and decided it was exactly what I wanted. I've imported the comments from disqus, and hopefully they mostly appear alongside the correct posts. Rather than host my own copy, I'm currently using the hosted version, and so far it's pretty good and very fast.


I searched the hugo theme gallery and found the theme slim most closely matched what I was looking for. Until now, I'd been using a hacked up copy of hyde, but every hugo upgrade left me with more warnings and so I decided to go lighter-weight.

I forked slim and made a few changes to add various links, some custom shortcodes and some CSS tweaks and the result is what you see here. Hopefully it's easy on the eye aNd nice to read!


Hopefully with the refreshed designed I'll remember to post a bit more! I have a few ongoing projects and a lot of music I could post about, so watch this space.


I've noticed a couple of problems with commentio which I didn't see during my initial testing. Mainly, the login form doesn't work entirely. To work around this, login and then refresh the page – it works but just doesn't properly reload because of a JS error. Anonymous commenting works file, so feel free to use that.