Makerfaire_uk: In a DIY frame of mind

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make tvbgone qrcode bag patch

I was lucky enough to visit Newcastle Upon Tyne for the Makerfaire_uk this March, and since then I’ve been brimming with ideas, and feeling the need to make things. This post is partially here to demonstrate that I am, in fact, still alive, and to show off a couple of little things I’ve made.

First, I got a p8tch. This self proclaimed commando nerd patch is an embroidered QR code, which links to a configurable tinyurl style redirect. My first act of making was to sew this onto my Timbuk2 Hacker bag. Here’s a picture of the result:

Timbuk2 Hacker with p8tch!

Unfortunately, I don’t have QR enabled phone (yet), but I tested it by stealing my mothers :).

Next, whilst in Newcastle, at the Makerfaire (during time which I snapped some pics). I bought a tvbgone kit, which I built. This is a subversive little thing which switches of TVs. Lots of them. It also has a range of about 45 metres, and knows 46 different IR remote control codes. I intend to have a lot of fun switching off TVs in shops with this. Here’s a macro shot I took using a screw on +10 filter, and my 50 mm lens:

completed tvbgone

In other news, I hope to start posting content to once I’ve finished my thesis, and had time to create some more screencasts. If anyone’s interested in contributing, mail me, or comment with disqus.