I’m very pleased to announce that the IPython TextMate bundle is in a state where it can actually be used – you can probably consider it to be a pre-beta.

To celebrate this, I’ve made a simple screencast demoing some of the basic features.

IPython TextMate Bundle Demo from Matt Foster on Vimeo.

This screencast can also be downloaded, and I hope to give a quick overview of some of the more advanced features in a follow-up.

The main features of the bundle are:

  • Communication with IPython via the extension ipy_vimserver. This means the bundle should work right out of the box: just run import ipy_vimserver; ipy_vimserver.setup('session'), and you can connect.
    • running the current file in IPython
    • running the current line / selection in IPython
    • running the current file / selection / line in IPython with the profiler enabled
    • growl notification of salient points
    • rudimentary syntax highlighting of ipythonrc files, including warnings about broken comments
    • commands for editing the ipythonrc file and .ipython directory
    • built in help
    • access from a single key binding.

The bundle can be downloaded from GitHub or installed via GetBundles. For installation help, see the README.

We’d love to hear your feedback, so please send comments, suggestions and feedback to either the ipython-dev list (please prefix the subject with [TextMate]), or the ipython-tmbundle google group (just reply to this email).