After being shown the huge potential of mixing TextMate with IPython via a little applescript, I started work on the IPython TextMate bundle. I also set up a google group, and talked to the ipython-users mailing list. Their response was great, and they’ve allowed us to discuss the project on the ipython-dev list, if we tag message subjects with [TextMate]. There’s also a possibility that we can distribute the bundle with IPython in the future!

Current features in the bundle are mostly related to interaction with IPython in a Terminal (specifically, and make use of applescript, and include:

  • running the current file in IPython
  • running the current line / selection in IPython
  • running the current file / selection / line in IPython with the profiler enabled
  • toggling the state of the debugger (setting this to ON will switch into the debugger when an exception occurs)
  • entering the debugger
  • adding breakpoints to the current file
  • removing those breakpoints
  • growl notification of salient points
  • rudimentary syntax highlighting of ipythonrc files, including warnings about broken comments (you can’t have a directive and a comment on the same line)
  • commands for editing the ipythonrc file and .ipython directory
  • built in help

Most of these functions are accessed by pressing (⌃⇧I), which gives you a list from which you can select the item you wish to activate. This is similar to the Git / Svn bundles. This means you need only remember one shortcut.

You can grab this now, from GitHub or GetBundles. Please send feedback, ideas or comments to the ipython-dev mailing list, the google group, or directly to me.