SPIE Europe Remote Sensing (Cardiff) Debrief

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Well, I’m now back from UWIC, in Cardiff, so I thought I’d write down my thoughts of what’s currently happening in the world of image processing for remote sensing.

First of all though, an aside. The venue totally sucked. It was hard to get to, and was in the scummy outskirts of what’s an otherwise really pretty city. I hope they didn’t put anyone off what’s an otherwise really beautiful country!

Anyway, now that the rant is done with, I found the actual conference quite interesting, especially since there was more image processing content that at IGARSS 2008. The conference chair, Lorenzo Bruzzone gave an interesting introduction, which summed up how the content was distributed.

I made a quick pie chart to illustrate:


I’m pretty sure I’m in that teeny slice! He also gave a quick breakdown of the number of abstract submitted (63), along with how many oral presentations there were (31, minus a few who weren’t there), and how many posters (11).

I’ve put my slides online at Slideshare so if you’re so inclined you can have a look (no audio).

The exhibition didn’t have a lot for those of us who weren’t looking to buy very high resolution hyperspectral imagers, and the like, but it was still interesting.

Overall, it was worth going, but it was hard to get to (even from Bath), using public transport, and the location left a lot to be desired.