Quick hack: Samsung SGH-F400 and iSync

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Warning: this is properly hackerific!

I just got a Samsung SGH-F400, instead of what I really wanted (an iPhone), because Orange dropped my line rental so much to get me to stay.

It arrived today, and one of the first things I tried, was getting it to sync, with iSync. Which didn’t work.

I got a copy of the novamedia plug-ins, for my SGH-D500, so I’ve plenty of Samsung plug-ins laying around, but not one for this. so I decided to see what a bit of quick hacking would do for me.

Here’s what I did:

  • Fire up a terminal, and navigate to /Library/PlugIns, there are rather a lot of things in there.
  • Now open up Samsung-F490.phoneplugin. This is just a bundle, so in my case, I just did: mate Samsung-F490.phoneplugin to open in it as a project in TextMate.
  • Open up MetaClasses.plist, go to line 11 and duplicate it. In TextMate you can hit ⇧⌘L 11, then ⇧⌘D to do this.
  • Change the 490 to 400.
  • That’s it.

Now if you make the phone discoverable, and enable secure mode, you should be able to add it to iSync, and copy your contacts across. The icon will be wrong, but it works!