Another Gnuplot Bundle!

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gnuplot textmate bundle

Whilst surfing GitHub, the new standard repository for all of the World’s cool repositories, I stumbled across gnuplot-textmate-bundle – another Gnuplot bundle for TextMate.

So far I’ve only had time for a quick look, but my initial thoughts are that it is less complete than my bundle, but with better commands. Their run command uses a ruby helper script, which looks quite cool. There’s also some usefulness in the form of a Rake script. Most of it seems to focus on eps files though, which isn’t really general enough for me, but it looks quite robust. In particular, I like the idea of stripping out the output parts for previewing in aquaterm”).

Anyway, there’s some cool ideas there, and as a scary professor I know one said… “We don’t work in a vacuum, you know.”