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snarfr is a ruby script designed for simply backing up your flickr photos.

It requires a few gems, notably:

  • flickraw
  • progressbar (≥ 0.9 see: here)
  • mini_exiftool
  • facets/ostruct

To run it, type ruby snarfr.rb, or chmod +x it, and then do ./snarfr.rb. It should then begin snarfing yours photos into ./output, unless you’ve specified an output directory (as the first argument), in which case things will go there.

snarfr tries to be intelligent by saving it’s progress to the file ~/.snarfr, but it only does this when it exits normally. On the first run, it will ask you to authorise it, to do that, you need to visit the URL it gives.

You can find snarfr in subversion at: snarfr svn, ready for you to snarf. Or you can get it from GitHub at: snarfr.

Note: I lost the original description page when I nuked my site. So this is a new one.